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For many people, moving is a harrowing, stressful experience, whether it’s across town or across the country. In addition to the total upheaval of one’s daily routine, one must also contend with ensuring that the paperwork of nearly everything is changed, finding a new set of routines that better suit one’s new area of residence and of course actually handling the financial and bureaucratic matters involved with moving to a location, wherever it may be. While this process is unquestionably stressful, for many people, these moves prove to be more than worth the trouble, once a new routine has truly set in.

Professional Piano moving service in Los Angeles

Why Hire Professional Piano Movers in LA?

One matter of note in moving is actually moving one’s possessions, which is of course a major hassle. Even hiring a professional moving company can be a difficult ordeal, particularly if one has never moved before. Whether it’s moving boxes of books, delicate electronics or just that ever essential coffee maker, getting all of one’s possessions (or at least most of them; moving is very far from an exact science) from one location to the other is definitely a job for a professional. Once one has found a moving company though, they may find that some of their possessions do not lend themselves very well to being moved as painlessly as some objects.professional movers

Of particular note are objects of art and of course pianos. Both art objects and pianos are a hugely complicated matter to move and especially in the case of pianos, should not be undertaken by amateurs. While moving certain art objects may be a thing ordinary people can handle on their own, larger art objects can also call for a good bit of serious professional assistance. There are a few ways to handle smaller art objects, however, that can definitely be of use to amateur movers wishing to do a bit of the work on their own.

The Benefits of Using a Professional for Moving Valuable Art.

Moving paintings and flat works of art is a reasonably uncomplicated matter. Flat containers, such as flat screen monitor and television boxes tend to hold several drawings and more than one painting. Measuring these works of art is essential for getting the right size of box, but most places selling boxes such as moving companies and shipping companies tend to have a box that will fit all but the smallest or largest flat works of art. From there, it is a simple matter of marking the boxes as being fragile (which, if it is not already printed on the box beforehand, can likely be marked as fragile with either specialized tape or a simple black marker) before one can get the boxes filled with artworks ready to go for the big move.

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Moving larger, more three dimensional works of art is another kettle of fish all together. Because most of these objects are to one degree or another more fragile than the typical array of large objects that typically call for the heaviest lifting, it can be difficult to move these objects. Naturally a large box filled with packaging material (such as Styrofoam peanuts, bubble wrap or large plastic sacks filled with air) is typically the easiest and least complicated way to handle it, but even the most delicate handling of delicate sculptures can lead to damage to the art work, which is always an unhappy event, but barring a professionally built piece of art, is practically inevitable for delicate artworks. Fortunately, there are some movers who do specialize in delicate yet heavy objects and these movers can definitely be relied upon to know how transfer an art object with minimal or no damage.

The Piano Moving Process

The process of moving a piano, however, is definitely a job for a professional. Even a small piano is a massive object that takes several strong backs to move across a single room, let alone across a distance of miles. However, though it is not as common a problem as it was in decades past, most moving companies are more than capable of moving a piano of any size. Moving a piano into a cramped space will of course be a hugely difficult matter that will likely cost extra money, but given how much pianos cost, this extra money will almost assuredly be more than worth it.