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Long Distance Moves For All Your Home and Office moving needs

Long distance moves can be a nightmare, but they don’t have to be. If you consider certain steps you can make the entire move easier.

Pack For The Long Haul

Many people make the mistake of packing their belongings for local moves when they complete a long distance move. When you pack your belongings you need to ensure that they are properly cushioned within the boxes. You should also use thicker boxes or plastic crates when packing. Your boxes may be handled by a number of people before they reach you and you need to consider this.big moving truck for long distance moves

When packing you also need to consider that your boxes might be put on their sides or upside down during the haul. This is done to pack the boxes into the moving container.

Look At Insuring Your Belongings Properly

Research by the American Moving and Storage Association has found that 80% of moves will not have any claims filed. However, this means that 20% of all moves will have claims filed. If you are within that 20% you need to ensure that you are properly insured. Most movers will have liability insurance, but this insurance is generally capped at 60 cents to the dollar. This means that for every dollar of damage done to your belongings you will only be able to claim 60 cents.

If you are moving belongings of high values or ones that would be hard to replace you should consider getting full value coverage. If you are unsure about the types of coverage you should get the moving company should be able to provide you more information.

Keep Items You Need On Arrival With You

While it might seem like common sense to keep the items you need upon arrival with you, there are many people who pack these items and have to wait for the movers. You should never send important documents like your birth certificate, driving license and passport with the movers. Before you pack you need to carefully consider what documentation and items you will need once you arrive at your destination.

These items should be kept out and taken with you instead of sent with the movers. This will not only be your important documentation, but any clothing you need to start a new job and hygiene products. Unless you know that you will be arriving at the same time as your boxes you need to keep all of this out.

Inspect Outdoor Furniture Before Moving

It is important that you inspect any of your outdoor furniture before you move. You need to be on the lookout for signs of insects of larvae because you do not want insects in your shipment. If you are moving between states you will also need to know about the moving regulations for furniture. These regulations are in place to stop the movement of contaminants between state lines.packing outdoor furniture

Use A Box For Your Mattress

Many people do not consider the wrapping they need for their mattress. However, it is important that you think about how to package the mattress and it is recommended that you use a box. Boxing your mattress will ensure that it is not bent while being transported as this could affect the shape once it arrives.

Organize Your Belongings

Most people organize their boxes by room and this is ideal. However, you should consider having a Day One box. This box should include items that you are going to need immediately once you reach your destination including plates, some clothing and other belongings. When you pack fragile items you should use specialty boxes and clearly label the boxes stating that they are fragile.

Name And Number Your Boxes

Long distance movers will generally have more than one person’s belongings as they move more than one person at a time. This is why it is recommended that you mark your boxes with your name to ensure that someone else does not get your box. You should also consider numbering the boxes and keeping a note of how many boxes you sent. This will ensure that you get all of your boxes and that you will know if any of them are missing.